Wedding Planning Session This Evening

We are looking forward to our session at 6.30pm today at Cantley House Hotel.

If you are planning a wedding and would like to talk through your ideas (and any issues you may be having) with a qualified wedding planner then this session is for you.

Tonight we will be covering the following topics:

  • What bride’s want
  • Managing expectaions
  • Keeping plans realistic
  • The groom’s perspective

Simplified Pricing

We have simplified the pricing options for attending our weekly sessions:

  • £5 per session attended or £15 for 4 sessions paid in advance
  • Option to purchase WedPlan pack containing important planning tools
  • Option to pay separately for 1:1 session with Wedding Coach to go through your in-depth wedding questionnaire (up to 60 minutes)

Update from recent sessions

Our weekly sessions have been continuing with couples coming along to help progress their wedding plans and to work through any challenges they have been having.

Subjects covered at recent sessions include:

  • The differences between a Wedding Planner and a venue based Wedding Co-ordinator
  • Common regrets expressed by couples who have recently got married
  • Common wedding planning issues and concerns
  • Wedding insurance and protecting yourself
  • Managing the budget
  • Managing the guest list
  • Planning timeline and record keeping

We received the following feedback from a bride after she attended one of the sessions:

I really did find it very useful and so reassuring to speak with someone impartial about the challenges we’ve been facing

Summary of our session on Monday 12th June

We had a great interactive session. We began with the brides-to-be discussing their wedding planning concerns and challenges. Areas covered included:

  • How overwhelmed the brides-to-be felt as they realised how much there is to organise
  • The challenges faced by the ladies when setting and maintaining a budget
  • The issues which arise when trying to manage the guest list
  • How the brides-to-be were feeling some pressure from family members who wanted to have their say about how the wedding should be and how it should be organised
  • The ladies also mentioned their concerns about how to choose the right suppliers and how to choose the right venue

We were very fortunate to have Simon Kemp, a professional wedding photographer come along to the session. He did a very interesting presentation which talked about some very relevant points:

  • What to look for in a wedding photographer
  • How to go about choosing a wedding photographer
  • Questions to ask when looking for a wedding photographer
  • Suggestions of what to look for when looking at previous work done by potential photographers
  • How to work out if the photographer offers value for money

to find out more about Simon Kemp please visit his website:

We concluded the session by talking about regrets which are commonly expressed by brides who have recently got married:

  • Not booking the right suppliers
  • Booking the suppliers for the wrong reasons
  • Going over budget
  • Spending money on things which were not necessary
  • Not being able to relax about the day
  • Doing things to please other people